Snake Wand from Rubber Tree

The rubber tree is grown on plantations so it is often called plantation hardwood. It is native to the Amazon, South-East Asia, and West Africa. The sap from the wood is used to make latex rubber.  Tapping of the trees begins at about 6 years and can continue for about 20 years. Once the trees are finished their productive sap production, they are harvested as lumber and often used for furniture production.  The furniture we usually see made of this wood is end and coffee tables and also kitchen chairs and tables. The furniture is often finished to look like maple.  Once the useful life of the furniture is at an end, it can make decent carving material.  It is a hardwood but easier to carve than maple or oak.

The snake wand in the foreground is made from rubber tree wood. The wood takes a stain well and the snake in this picture has a

slightly darker appearance created by giving it a second coat of stain. The final finish is 4 coats of semi gloss water based Varathane.  The stand is imbuia also known as Brazilian walnut. The wand in the background has a staghorn sumac handle and a walnut wand.