My small, but organized, workspace.

My work area has a small physical space and I often have multiple projects on the go at once.  For me, work place organization is critical to be able to complete projects. Here are a few tips to allow you to maintain a comfortable work area:

  • Have a dedicated spot for every thing you use.  Put things in the correct spot when finished using them.
  • Chisel stands do not have to be fancy but chisels must be easily viewed.  The stand must be easy to use or things will not be put away.  Check out the stand at the rear of my bench in the picture.
  • Knife holders also must meet the above criteria and I like to be able to see the blades to access them quickly.  In the picture you can see them on a magnetic kitchen knife holder.
  • I use small trays to put ongoing projects in, and pull out the tray I want to work on.  Dollar stores have baskets in all sizes, but I use thoroughly washed take out containers and meat trays.
  • Tools accumulate on the work bench over the life of a project because they may be used several times. I usually take Sundays off from working on projects but I will take a coffee to the work space and put anything on the work bench away. Sharpening chisels and knives and cleaning the workspace prepares it for next week.
  • I organize small parts and supplies in plastic boxes with dividers and label them.

When I sit at my workspace I can reach all my tools and supplies.

Hope you got a few ideas from this.